5 things to do in the waiting season to be happy.

What are the things to do in the waiting season?

things to do in the waiting season
things to do in the waiting season

What are some of the things to do in the waiting season? Have you been in one position for a long time? Are you feeling stuck? Are your prayers delayed? Do you feel like everyone else is making progress in their lives other than you? I feel you. I may not understand you but I can imagine. I have been there, I am there at the moment as I write these. You are probably wondering what are the things to do in the waiting season?

Life is not a race but a marathon, but sometimes you get tired of running as there is no noticeable progress in your life. We all have dreams, goals, and ambitions in life. We have attached a timeline on those desires. We often feel discouraged and disappointed when we don’t meet our aspirations as per our timeline.

What are you waiting for in this season? Is it a job? Is it a promotion? Is it a business to pick up? Is it a partner? Is it a child? Or are you stuck? With nothing meaningful going on in your life. I am more stuck than just being in a waiting season. I have so many things that I would love to be happening in my life, but I have nothing, other than the grace of God. However, what are the things to do in the waiting season?

I finished campus several months ago and I am still job hunting. I have been desiring to establish a community of true friends, but still have no one I am riding life with. This year I had opened my heart for love, I do this often, but I am still single. The single-season is one of the longest seasons I have ever been. Roughly 5 years. Due to my experience I have heard people as me what are the things to do in the waiting season?

If you are in a waiting season or feeling stuck in life, you are not alone. I believe we are many waiting for one thing or another. The waiting season, I believe, is meant to test us, to build our character. The waiting season is such a strong foundation for your future. We must guard our mental health during this season. I will share with you some of the things to do in the waiting season to guard your your happiness.

Do not compare yourself.

Comparison is a thief of joy. I know how tempting it is to compare yourself with others. I try so much not to. Avoiding comparison is one of the important things to do in the waiting season. Do not compare yourself with your classmates, your peers, your relatives, and anyone you might be tempted to compare yourself with. Importantly, do not compare yourself with social media. Remember no one posts their failures.

Avoid comparisons with your age mates, those you know and those you don’t know. I remember there was a time, if I heard someone my age or below, achieve something big, and would ask myself why not me and what exactly am I doing in my life.

There is a big difference between comparison and inspiration or feeling challenged. If someone accomplishes something and you admire them, celebrate them and learn their principles to be your guide in life, then that is an inspiration. If you see someone making progress, and you feel the need to work hard or do something differently to improve your life, that is healthy. It is a challenge to you.

Other people’s lives should not make us feel like failures, rather they should spur us into action. Accomplishment in life is an accomplishment, no matter the age or the difference in specific things. Do not waste your wasting season comparing yourself to others. Of all the things to do in the waiting season, take note of comparison.

Be grateful.

The most important things to do in the waiting season is to be grateful and content. Gratitude unlocks happiness. You want to guard your mental health, be grateful. The waiting season is not the time to complain about everything. Asking God why He is not answering your prayers or why you are in that position. Instead, use this season to count your blessings. Remember God has brought you this far. Be grateful for each dawn, for it is a sign that God still thinks about you. Your God-given purpose is still incomplete.

Thank God for what He has already done, it shows maturity. Thank God for what He is doing in your life, it shows awareness. Thank God for what He will do, it shows Faith. Thank God for what He has done in the life of others. Gratitude to God and life is a sign of humility. Rather than seeing what has not happened, appreciate the little things already in your life. I am learning to thank God, for the simplest of things in life. If you forget about all the other things to do in the waiting season, remember to be grateful.

Celebrate others.

It is not hard as it sounds, but it is hard. I found it hard to celebrate others without asking God why not me. Both of campus closest friends have found jobs and I am genuinely happy for them. This morning, one of them texted me that she already moved out of her parents’ house. I had nothing but sweet words for her. Every time I am learning of someone’s success, I am telling myself and God, “until it is my time, am celebrating and being happy for others.” The practice has brought me a lot of peace in my heart and life.

Celebrate with others, congratulate them, thank God with them, and even better keep encouraging them to achieve even more, as one of the things to do in the waiting season.

Connect with God.

This is not the season to curse God. Spend more time with God in your waiting season. Praise and Worship Him in this season.” I’ll still bless you, in the middle of the storm, I’ll still bless you in the middle of the road when I don’t know where to go………..”Great song by Naomi Raine and Maverick City.  Check it out for the right lyrics. It is tempting to go for shortcuts while in the season. I never forget to ask God to guard my soul, mind, and heart above everything else in this season. Of all the things to do in the waiting season, do not curse God.

Sometimes the reason you are in that season is that God wants you to draw closer to Him. He wants to connect with you. You can’t know God’s will in your life unless you develop an intimate relationship with Him. More than anything else, seek God during this season. Trust me, He is all you need. His voice will calm you and subdue your fears. Remember He is your source of peace. Let His word be your daily bread. Pray and fast, you will remain strong. Seek Holiness and righteousness in this season. 5 ways to get closer to God in the waiting season.

Invest in yourself

One of the key things to do in the waiting season is to invest in yourself. Take care of your mental and physical health. Work out, eat healthy, and hydrate. Keep a radiant and smiley face even on hard days. Connect with people who love you. Do the things that make you happy as long as they are healthy. Be your healthiest, happiest self in a season that seems to threaten these things.

In the end, live every moment of the season. Do not try to escape. Face, acknowledge and embrace every feeling. Hold on to hope knowing that the season will pass. Transformation is not an easy process. Trust me, I know that, but it is the only way to grow.

Are you in a waiting season? I would love to hear from from you on the things to do in the waiting season.

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