5 Tips on Finding Happiness-Self-Love

Finding Happiness-How to be Happy

  1. Avoid limiting beliefs
  2. Dont igonore the small details about your life
  3. Create healthy boundaries
  4. Settle for what you deserve
  5. Don’t expect love from others

Hello, excellent reader. Finding happiness is a constant and popular answer for most people if you ask them what they are after in life. We are all in pursuit of happiness. After all, who wants to live a sad life? I do not want that. However, most people don’t understand that you can’t pursue happiness in many ways we try to.

finding happiness-self-love

We think that we will find happiness when we get a specific body type and shape, a particular job, earn a certain amount of money, w date or marry a particular person, acquire the material things that most people use as a mark of verifying happiness. Happiness is not a byproduct of success or external things; it is the raw material for success and achieving our goals.

It is human nature to desire love and belonging. We want to feel loved and enjoyed by our parents, siblings, family, and partners. We want to belong to someone or a particular group of people. WE want to have friends and have them committed to loving others. In return, we also want to have people we love and cherish. People we show care and affection and people who can be identified with us.

As we try to love others and seek love from others, we tend to forget the most important person to fall in love with; ourselves. Self-love is the simplest and the ultimate way to find happiness. There are many ways to express self-love, thus finding the joy, peace, and happiness we crave in love. However, certain things in our lives step into our self-love, thus keeping us from finding happiness within ourselves.

How can you stop sabotaging your self-love and find happiness?

1. Limiting Beliefs on Our Self, our Potential, and our Worth.

Most of us have a problem with setting our values and self-worth. We do not believe we are good enough, beautiful enough, and talented enough.  We have set limiting beliefs about what we can achieve and our potential, consciously or subconsciously. To avoid sabotaging ourselves and blocking us from finding happiness, we need to work on our mindsets. The mind is a powerful weapon. It can build us or destroy us depending on how we choose to control it.

With so many challenges that we encounter as human beings in our daily lives, it is possible to shrink back and not fully exhaust our potential, gifts, and talent.

We must learn to use our minds to work for us and not against us. “We must strain doubly hard to stop our minds from accepting neglect t or abuse or struggle as to how life is, or else that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy in our lives. We must expose ourselves to a better reality and believe that we deserve better. If you must bide your time and take a while planning or growing, occupy your mind with the future ahead and let every fiber of your being long for it.

It is the failure to do this that keeps people in dry relationships and impoverished lives. That internal atmosphere and emery are the precursor. Pay keen attention to what you are saying to yourself about what you deserve. It is not your reality that creates your thoughts but your thoughts that create your reality. Hold the firmest belief about yourself, and you will not struggle with self-love and finding happiness.

2. By ignoring the small details about ourselves.

As human beings, we have conditioned ourselves to pay attention to what is happening in the world and the lives of others that we forget all the attention is meant to go to us. Sometimes we are focused on the bigger things that should be happening in ourselves and that we think we should be taking care of, that we forget about the simple details about us that mean a lot.

Remember to appreciate yourself every morning, say kind words to your body and overall self. Take a nice bath/shower, dress well, eat healthy, work out/stretch your body and invest in a good skincare routine and perfume or deodorant.

Be kind to yourself, do not miss out on events and things about yourself. What are some of the small details about yourself/ourselves do you think we ignore that sabotage our self-love and hinder us from finding happiness.

3. Failure to create healthy boundaries.

One of the things that sabotage our self-love and finding happiness is the lack of clearly defined boundaries. When do you say Yes when do you say no? Most unhappiness, lack of fulfillment in relationships with our partners and family, workplaces, and friendships come from failing to set boundaries with those we interact with. Lack of limits sets us up for misuse and exploitation by those who claim to love us and be part of our lives.

Having well-set boundaries may see some people exit your life but strengthen the relationship with those that genuinely matters and are meant to be in our lives. Here is a guide on creating healthy boundaries.

4. Settling for less than we deserve.

What are you settling for? What are you comfortable with? Our limiting belief makes us settle for less than what we deserve and could have in life, thus sabotaging our self-love and happiness. Do not settle for an average or a mediocre lifestyle in whatever area of your life. Always aim for the best and the greatest that there is. Don’t settle for average friendships, relationships, jobs, income, etc. Whatever area of your life, aim for the best and don’t settle for mediocre results.

5. Expecting love from others.

Do not lay your expectations on others the way you deserve and want to be treated. When we set our expectations, the result is disappointments. Nobody can love you more than you can do. Nobody will treat you well and appreciate you other than yourself. Set the standards on being treated and meet the criteria before expecting others to do that for you. Embrace yourself. Fall in love with yourself. Spend time with yourself. Take yourself out. Buy yourself thoughtful gifts. Whatever you expect from someone, please give it to yourself first; it is a path to finding happiness. Other examples of self-love.

Happiness and self-love are inner work. Remember, you can’t pour out from an empty cup. Work on your happiness, growth, and your dreams. Envision your highest self and work towards becoming that person. Allow happiness to flow out of you naturally. The thoughts you choose to focus on and the conversation you hold with yourself will set you on the path of self-love and finding happiness. What are some other ways do you think we sabotage our self-love and happiness.


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