5 Tips on How to Embrace Body Confidence.

to show body confidence

how to embrace body confidence as your body is.

Hello lovely one. Body confidence and image is important to each and every one of us, whether you are a woman, man or transgender person. We are all conscious of how we look because that is usually our first impression whenever we meet people. We are often conscious of being skinny, curvy, and fat, don’t have the perfect legs, face, boobies, nails, smiles etc. It is human nature to pint out a certain body part that we want to change. It is okay to want to change something about your body, there are so many areas of mine I would love to change. I often looked for ways on how to embrace body confidence.

I am beautiful, but I am not in the category of the super attractive models that we are used to see on Instagram. I do not insinuate that I have body esteem issues. I however, have come a long way in accepting my body as it is. To start with I am 5’1 tall, about 70 kgs. I have belly fat and an average upper body, big boobs and broad shoulders and arms.

I however do have an ass a good thighs that portray my curves. My skin tone is dark chocolate. I have good hair as per African standards. My dental arrangement is an area of concern and I will go for braces as soon as that chance comes in. I have accepted myself and over the years I have learnt on how to embrace body confidence.so much bod. I will be sharing my tips on how to embrace body confidence, hoping they will be of help to you.

We live in the era of the Kardashians who seem to portray a lot of perfection when it comes to body image. Social media, particularly Instagram, has brought so much pressure to our body esteem. Everybody wants to be picture perfect for the likes. We have idolized fame using our bodies, forgetting how damaging it is to our mental health. It is for this reason that I believe we all need to learn on how to embrace body confidence.

Here are things I have adopted as part of learning on how to embrace body confidence,

how to embrace body confidence
how to embrace body confidence
  • Mindset

Key on how to embrace body confidence is the mindset. Your mind is the greatest tool you poses. Your thoughts and what you find your mind is as important as what you eat. Self – development is the work of the mind thus physical growth.

You have to constantly remind yourself how beautiful, gorgeous, attractive and confident you are. Look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are a unique master peace created in the image and likeness of God. Positive affirmations is key to boosting your body confidence.

Be mindful of the comments you make about your body parts. Your perception about yourself is important. You will be able to invalidate the opinions and comments of other people who are mean to you.

No amount of body shaming comments will affect it you if you have already built the right and positive mindset about yourself. It is the first step on learning on how to embrace body confidence. The best weapons for a happy and healthy life.

  • Healthy eating.

Healthy eating patterns has been such a body confidence boost for me. I don’t just eat healthy to lose weight, but I do it to feel good. Healthy eating is a measure of self-discipline.  I am more confident in my body when I east lean and healthy. Whether I see the results on my physical progress or not, it helps a lot to know that I am doing the right thing for my body. Whenever I eat chips and consume a lot of sugar, carbs etc., I get guilty and condemn myself and body.

Healthy eating prevents you from adverse effects and boost your body confidence.

Always strive to eat healthy, you’ll be proud of yourself.

  • Physical movement.

Move your body as much as you can. Exercise at least four times a week. Take a walk. Do house chores that will involve your body. Being physically active may help in reducing your weight or prevent you from gaining more.

Physical exercises are not meant for o only those with the need to lose weight but it is for everybody. I feel lighter and refreshed whenever I work out.

Your body should be in a position to save you whenever there is danger. Physical exercises and walks have played a major part in boosting my body confidence. Whether I see results or not, the fact that I am doing something right gives me so much confidence. Physical movement is key on understanding how to embrace body confidence.

  • Dress appropriately.

No matter the size and shape of your body, your dressing is crucial. Chose clothes that fit your body type. Embrace your femininity and do it decently. Know the clothes that make you confident, attractive and comfortable and go for them.

Don’t wear buggy t-shirts and jeans because you want to hide your body. There are clothes that will hide your belly yet bring out your most feminine side. Don’t as well go for oversize clothes to look bigger or the wrong clothes to cover something about your body.

Be simple yet classy. Your outfits tells more about your personality. I have learned what type of clothes that bring out the best of my body, and I am learning to wear them on a daily basis. Hygiene is one thing that shows you have an understanding on how to embrace body confidence.

Be hygienic, keep your hair neat. Get yourself a nice smelling deodorant or perfume. Take care of your skin. Be smart, neat and feminine and no matter your body size and shape, you will always be confident.

  • Body posture.

Walk, sit and stand confidently. Avoid leaning your upper body to the front. Walk upright. Your walking style speaks volume about your confidence. The ground is yours to walk on and dominate, so do it with class and confidence but don’t overdo it.

Avoid a self- conscious walk where you keep looking yourself and doing adjustments to your clothes and body. Look straight ahead of you whenever you are walking.

Adopt the British royalty sitting style. Stand confidently when you do so. Adopt a healthy body language, it will you boost your body confidence. It is also a sign of body confidence.

Embrace your body as it is and do it confidently. Be feminine. What else would you like to add on how to embrace body confidence.

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