what are some of the ways to get closer to God.

ways to get closer to God
ways to get closer to God

Hello, lovely one? What can I do to improve my relationship with God? What can I do to feel God’s presence more in my life? I wrote an article on why you should walk with God, check it out why-you-should-walk-with-god-as-a-young-person/ .It is important to know how we can allow God more into our lives as much as we can talk about why? What are the ways we to get closer to God in order to live a life that pleases Him.

My foundation on ways to get closer to God was built my grandmother and my parents. They took me to Sunday from an early age and made sure I attended. The church took the initiative to teach me about Jesus and God. I took part in children’s church activities from a very young age. I went to schools with a strong Christian background and practice. My primary school was Christ-centered, and I went to a catholic high school.

When I joined campus, my parents and teachers were not there to make sure I attended church services, read the Bible, or prayed. I had to take the initiative on ways to get closer to God on my own. I had to build my discipline and values.

The world is cruel but enticing, challenging but fun. The worldly way of life has so much to offer, but all it gives is pain, slavery, confusion, disappointment, and frustrations.

I am not perfect, I am not a saint but I try as much as I can to develop a relationship with God. I hope this article helps you in you in finding ways to get closer to God.

  • Desire.

The first step on ways to get closer to God is desire. A strong burning desire. Develop the desire to know God at a personal level. Desire to talk to Him like the friend He is. Desire to know His character. Desire to know who He is and who He says you are.

You have to hunger and thirst for God for you to take the initiative to walk with Him on a deeper level. A desire to know God can come from a life-changing experience, observing people who walk with God. Sometimes we get to a point in life that our ways are not working. The only things we are reaping from life are frustrations and disappointments. It comes to a point in life when we want to discover about this higher being and how He can change our lives.

Your desire should give you a strong why for choosing to walk with God. You will need it when the journey gets tough. The truth is God has already laid out His hand for us, He is constantly calling us to Himself, we just need to recognize the voice and be obedient. You can’t understand much on ways to get closer to God, if you do not have the desire.

  • Pursue holiness.

Another key point on the ways to get closer to God is holiness. Once you confess, your sins are forgiven. As long as you confess Christ as Lord as savior, then you are saved. Once we are set free from the slavery of sins, our next endeavor is to make sure that we live the life that is in alignment with Christ. There are many Christians today, but very few live a life that is congruent with Christ’s teachings.

We ought to live righteous lives so that God’s presence can be noticed in our lives. Ephesians 6: 14, righteousness is our breastplate. The breastplate protects our most vital organ, the heart. Once we allow Christ and the Holy Spirit to live in our hearts, we must protect it by living a life that measures up to God’s standards. Lay down all the sins that hinder a righteous walk with God.

Be holy. Abide in Him and bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Sin is the one thing that separates us from the presence of God.

  • Read the Bible.

In modern-day society, especially the young people we do not the Bible. We have left the pastors to read and interpret it for us. No wonder people have different and misguided beliefs about God and who He is.

Buy your own Bible, and commit at least 20 minutes per day to know Him. Learn about God on your own before going to others to interpret it to you. God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us and help in interpreting the Bible.

Once you get into the habit of reading the Bible, you never want to stop. Once you read the stories, learn about the character of God and the people He used, you will be amazed. The Bible corrects us, guides us, reveals God’s promises and will in our lives. The Bible is the sweetest book I have ever read.

Even if you implement everything on ways to get closer to God and fail to read the Bible, you haven’t done much. The Bible empowers our prayers, as we pray in alignment with God’s promises. Get into the business of reading the Bible, and let God reveal Himself to you. Meditate on the word of God daily.

  • Fasting and prayer.

Prayer is a conversation with god. Pray as much as you can, not just in the morning and evening. Have those small conversations with God now and often. In the car, washroom, kitchen, workspace. Wherever you are make your thoughts to be in form of prayer.

There are times when we need to lay ourselves down to get into serious business with God. Prayers are the mark of the Christian life. Remember to pray often and allow God to work in your life, it is key on implementing on the ways to get closer to God.

  • Consume and share the Godly content.

What kind of music do you often listen to? Your playlist should aim at growing your relationship with God. Look out for music that preaches to your soul, and help in your prayers and glorification of God. Listen to speakers who truthfully speak the word of God. I love Priscilla Shirer. Consume content that will help in your spiritual growth.

Follow people whose walk with God you admire. Look out for people who boldly and authentically preach Christ through their lives. People who honor God with their actions.

Importantly, be a good ambassador of Christ. Share God’s word with those around you. Confess your beliefs boldly regardless of the environment. Let your words, actions thoughts, and decisions you make in life honor God. Let others desire to know God through you.

At the end of the day, spiritual growth is not an overnight event, but a continuous journey. There are mornings you wake up and wonder if God is even real. Every relationship requires work and time, and it is no different from a relationship with God. There are different stages in Christian life, read more on this from Growing up Spiritually by Kenneth E Hagwin.

Forgive yourself as much as you have to and ask God to forgive you.

What is your relationship with God, comment below?

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