Get to know a little bit about me and the site

My letter to you all

Hello from the other side. My name is Nyambura Wainaina. I am a proud Christian Kenyan girl. There is nothing much to know about me, other than I am an imperfect young lady loved by a great God and saved by His Grace through Christ Jesus. I know life is short, and that is why I have chosen to be bold enough to go after the things that God has placed in my heart, one of them being this website.

My content will range from faith, inspiration/motivation, lifestyle among other things as long as they inspire, educate, inform and entertain you. I will not be sharing with you from the point of perfection or because I know it all, no. However, in a world where there is so much negativity, division, toxic comparisons and so many people living unhappily, I have chosen to share the little light I have, with the hope that others will also share theirs.

Peace and love to you all.

Quick facts about me

My birthday is on the second day of the second month.

I am 5’1 tall.

I am more on the introvert side of life, but I would like to refer myself as an ambivert.

I grew up in a blended family as the only girl.

I love hiking and all things adventure.

I will¬† tell you more along the way…

Other facts

I have a bacherol’s degree in Business and Information Technology.

I am a digital and tech savvy.

I do web and graphic design.