What are the benefits of living alone?

benefits of living alone
benefits of living alone

Hello wonderful person? Are you living alone or contemplating living alone but you are afraid? If you are already living alone, you are most probably experiencing the benefits of living alone. If you are not, it means you are too afraid to realize and acknowledge these benefits. Start living the moment my friend and you will have an experience on the benefits of living alone.

Do you want to move out of your parents’ home and you are afraid of the transition? Did you fall apart with your roommate and you think it is hard living alone? Did you break up with your partner, separated or divorced and you think you can’t make it alone? Whatever the situation that is forcing you to stay alone, acknowledge it and appreciate it and start enjoying the benefits of living alone. It is very much possible to live alone and be happy, regardless of whether someone chooses to visit you or not. m

I have lived alone for three years now. No parents, siblings, friends, or roommates for any case. The crib/ apartment is all mine. Though sometimes it can get a little bit lonely. Here are some of the benefits of living alone as per my experience.

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  • You make the rules.

Nobody likes following rules, particularly if those rules are in a place you are supposed to be relaxing. Every home I believe has rules. There are those rules set by our grandparents and parents. No shoes, don’t sit on a particular chair, eat at a particular time, don’t come home past this time …the list is endless.

However, when you live alone, it is your place and you alone make the rules. You don’t have to consult anyone. You make the rules that align with your values and your happiness. Having a roommate is challenging as you will need to set rules that accommodate both of you. Sometimes you will have to compromise with others even though deep down you are not happy.

Living alone gives you the advantage of following what makes you happy. If any other person comes into your place, they will have no option but to follow the established rules.

  • Freedom of space; arrangements and decoration.

We all want to have the same space around us to have a personal touch and feel. You have your decoration ideas when it comes to your living space. You want particular colors that are in alignment with yourself. You want a particular pattern or arrangement. You prefer certain furniture. Your taste may not be your parents or any other person you are living with. Living alone gives you the freedom to decorate your space as per your likes and taste. It is so amazing to deal with your space the way you want without been limited by another person. I love freedom and it is one of the benefits of living alone for me.

  • Responsibility and discipline.

Nothing develops and strengthens your responsibility and self-discipline like living alone. You are your boss. You are not accountable to anyone other than yourself.  You chose your own life path. You become aware that you are the master of your own decisions and that those decisions do have consequences. You chose who to invite and what to do in your house. You have the choice to turn your home into a gossip club, party house, sex club, or a prayer house and a place where optimism and good character are embraced.

One key area of responsibility that living alone has taught me is financial discipline. You are your financial manager. Living alone has taught me the importance of budgeting. Whether you have more or less more, it is up to you to always make sure that you have enough. I have learned that misappropriating a single coin has greater repercussions on my financial security. If there is one of the benefits of living alone that I am grateful to, it is the discipline area.

Take advantage of the benefits of living alone to cultivate responsibility and self-discipline in all areas.

  • Personal space for self-reflection, development, and growth.

Introvert, extrovert, or whichever personality best describes you, we all need a quiet and safe environment for ourselves. I am an introvert and I thrive in silence. Living alone has given me the space to connect with myself on a deep level. I usually have a quiet morning all by myself to develop my emotional and spiritual muscles.

Appreciate the space to quiet down the universe. Turn your space into a living sanctuary to enhance your self-growth. Living alone has taught me to be independent, emotionally, and in all other areas. I have learned who I am and what I want. I can’t list all the benefits of living alone in regards to self–development, and growth. Living alone is such a blessing that you don’t want to miss or misuse.

  • Independence.

Want to learn independence? Live alone. You will learn how to be responsible for your own emotions and reactions to life. You learn to entertain yourself. You learn to do all the tasks around your house. You will learn to do life on your own, thus making you stronger. Great read what to do in the waiting season.

 In the end, do not shy away from living alone. Embrace the freedom and let it add magic to your life. Peace and love to all of you. What are the other benefits of living alone. I would love to hear from you.

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