5 challenges of a young Christian.

What are some of the challenges of a young Christian.

challenges of a young Christian
challenges of a young Christian

What are some of the challenges of a young Christian, especially a young lady? Choosing to walk with Jesus at a young age is a rewarding yet challenging decision. Modern-day life is different for Christians, especially for young people. Few young people take the step to be bold about their faith and relationship with Jesus in modern-day society. Accepting to walk with Christ at a young age is not a walk in the park. Society has no high regard for young Christian as it used to before.

 The world seems to have so much to offer for young people. Drugs, sexual immorality, social injustices, indecency, etc. the outcome is that we have a society of young people who are depressed. Rather than enjoying the freedom and peace granted to us through Jesus Christ, they have become slaves to destructive things.

I am not perfect neither am I a saint. I am a forgiven sinner who lives by the grace of God. I grew up in a Christian family and was taken to church from an early age. However, as I advanced into adulthood. I took the personal initiative to walk with God. Spirituality is a journey never a destination. We are however promised of everlasting life in heaven we shall be reunited with our creator.

Choosing the narrow path comes with its challenges. It is not a smooth journey, especially as a young person. Among other challenges, here are five challenges of a young Christian I have experienced, who has chosen to walk with God and build a relationship with Jesus.

  • Getting true doctrines. What is right and what is wrong.

There is so much information in the world. There are so many churches. There are many preachers and speakers.  With so much information available and been passed, it is possible to find some contradicting information. Different churches and speakers seem to have different teachings.

It has become hard to differentiate the truth from lies in modern-day teachings. Additionally, people are sharing the word of God for different reasons. There are people opening churches for business purposes, rather than be led by the Holy Spirit.

Not every church has true biblical teachings. Some churches do not preach about the kingdom of heaven rather than the worldly kingdom. People go to churches to receive promises and materialistic blessings rather than hear what God expects from us as His children.

It is one of the challenges of a young Christian to find a church where the true bible is taught, without twisting the words and manipulating it to please peoples’ hearts for their benefit.

As a young Christian pray to God to guide you to a church and a community where nothing but His truth is taught. Read the Bible for yourself, God will enable the Holy Spirit to interpret it for you. Be aware of the false prophets.

  • Society pressure.

One of the major challenges of a young Christian is the pressure from the society. Society has normalized evil things that they have become acceptable. Modern-day society hails and celebrates bad people and their immorality. Few people will celebrate you for doing the right thing or talking against the evil and immorality in society. People will not respect you for choosing to stay and act according to God’s teaching.

We live in a society where corruption is encouraged and tolerated as long as you get what you want. People will comfortably walk and step on others to get to the top of the ladder, and the world will just cheer them on.

Society no longer appreciates someone who chose to hold on to values, principles, and standards that align in with Jesus’ teachings. In any case, they will laugh at you, call you a fool and ask you to break them.

I have experience with people telling me that I should break some of my values and principles to fit in the society or a certain group.

People would rather fly than walk. We live in a world of instant gratification and a lot of pleasure so we rather sell our souls to meet the world standards. Remember, just because the majority in the society approves it doesn’t mean it is right. The bible encourages us to enjoy our youth but to remember we shall be judged for it.

  • Acceptance and understanding.

If you are still young, getting people within your age bracket that understand your faith is hard. It is one of the challenges of a young Christian. You are different and you live your life differently from what others believe is cool or what the majority are doing. Your definition of fun is the world’s and majority definition. People will not understand why you chose to do what you chose to and not do. Your peers will not just understand your values and boundaries. Subsequently, you will not be accepted in certain social circles and places.

I have had experience with someone who felt that just because I do not share her experience and views on drugs, relationships, and sex, then I do not qualify to be her friend, regardless of all the other things we shared and situations in which I understood her and showed my affection as a friend.

When you chose to walk with God, remember you won’t have as many friends as you wished. People who you grew up with and even your own family may not understand and accept your path. There are places you will never fit in no matter how good of a person you are or how good you are to them.

Pray that God will align you with people who share in your values and principles, a Godly community that will help each other grow spiritually.

  • Life challenges. Handling life challenges in a Godly way.

Accepting and walking with Christ does not mean you are exempted from the daily life challenges. Life comes with its fair share of stress, frustrations, and disappointment. We all have the need and wants at different stages in our lives. Sometimes the dark days in our lives will shake our faith and relationship with God.

Being a Christian means that you are equipped with healthy ways to deal with your challenges. You will not handle them like the rest of the world. Rather than taking shortcuts to solve problems and get where you want to be or drinking them out, you are called to pray and trust that God will fight the battle for you. Dealing with life battles in a Godly way is one of the challenges of a young Christian.

  • Relationships and purity.

The biggest of the challenges of a young Christian is relationships. Christian dating is not common in modern-day society. If you are a woman who wants to hold on to your dignity, the world is not very kind and generous. From a female point of view, men are not willing to date a lady who has chosen to walk with Christ authentically. Getting the right man is hard these days, it is especially harder for a Christian girl.

Purity is a real struggle that I also experience as a young Christian. Purity is not just about the actual sex act, it is also our thoughts and what we chose to see. We are tempted to think about a sexual act, watch pornography and even engage in sex. Sex is a gift from God but it is meant to be received and acted upon at the right time. I am waiting for the right time. I am praying that God will help and guide me in my wait. Virgins are rare these days. Unlike before, people are no longer proud of their virginity.

Despite the challenges of a young Christian, walking with God is worth it. Choosing Him and His word to be the center and strong pillar in your life is a bold decision and the best decision that any person can make. I am proud to choose God in my life. I desire to know Him even more and become a vessel honor for His glory. Reasons why you should walk with God.

What do you think are the other challenges of a young Christian.

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