5 Ways on How To Guard Virginity

How to Guard Virginity for Your Wedding Night

  1. identify wht it is important to remain a virgin
  2. Make a promise and commintment to guard virginity
  3. Ask for Spiritual guidance
  4. Date intentionally/Christian dating
  5. Communicate with your partner

With access to the internet and the push of dirty content, society pressure that has normalized immorality, one of the most popular questions for those who want to be different is, “how do I guard my virginity/sexual purity.” As much as most people do not regard to guard virginity and sexual purity in modern culture like before, it is something that most people are pursuing. Either for religious, cultural, or personal values.

How to guard virginity
Take care of your magic flower

While virginity is not highly regarded in modern society, it is something to be proud of. Rather than competing on how many people we have had sexual intercourse with, we should compete on how many times we have overcome sexual temptations. Overcoming sexual temptations is not an easy case. Sexual desire is a natural feeling that is ignited by our natural emotions. It is entirely Ok to think about intimacy and sex. However, we must be able to control desires and thoughts.

Whether in a relationship or single, a young man, woman, here are ways to guard your virginity and attain your sexual purity/celibacy goals.

  • Identify Why it is Essential to Remain a Virgin.

Deciding to be a virgin or celibate is not an easy decision. You have so many enemies for that decision: natural hormones, society pressure, and inappropriate relationships. To overcome the challenges, you must establish a STRONG WHY. Why do you think it is essential to remain a virgin or chose the celibate lifestyle? Is it for cultural or religious purposes? Is it for health reasons? Is it for spiritual reasons? Don’t you want to establish unhealthy ties that come from engaging in intercourse with the wrong people?

Make your why to guard virginity so strong that even when temptations come in or people try to question your decision, you are not tempted to back down because you have the reason. Your WHY should not make sense to everyone, but it should for you.

  • Make a Promise and Commitment to Self to stay a Virgin.

You can lie to everyone else but not to yourself. Make a commitment and yourself based on your way to stay and guard virginity until the right time comes. Make a promise based on your beliefs about the virginity issue. Choosing purity is choosing oneself. Waiting for the right person at the right time is valuing yourself above everything else and anyone.

People buy purity rings to signify the commitment to oneself on choosing to guard virginity. You can break a promise to others and not face repercussions, but it is not easy to forgive yourself once you fail a commitment to yourself.

  • Ask for God’s Guidance and in Protecting your Virginity.

As human beings, we are bound to temptations. The best way to triumph over temptations is to ask for divine help from above. As you strive to guard virginity and for purity as God to help you overcome temptations and keep you away from people or situations that may lead to you breaking the promise you have made to yourself.

  • Date Intentionally.

Why are you dating? Why do you choose to be in a relationship? A relationship built on the right intentions will respect and encourage purity. Sadly in modern society, sex seems to be the only reason that people get into a relationship. The only exchange people have in a relationship is sex and money.

However, suppose your date to help each other grow in all aspects of life. In that case, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually, sex will not be a priority in a relationship. The benefit of avoiding sex and guarding virginity in the dating stage is that it helps you focus on other essential things in the relationship. When you put sex aside, you can focus on the qualities you are looking for in each other, strengths and weaknesses in another person, and the possible red flags.

Most people cannot move on from toxic relationships and breakups due to their ties through sex. Date with the intentions of knowing the person who they indeed are, and not for physical satisfaction.

  • Communicate With your Partner on Your Views about Sex.

What is your stand on sex during dating? Make them known to your partner in the very early stages of the relationship. Both of you should create an environment to talk about sex in the relationship openly. Let them know why it is important to you and the relationship to guard virginity. Early communication avoids situations of tension, overstepping of boundaries. If you and your partner agree on sex before marriage, you will both look out for each other and avoid problems that may lead to falling into sex temptations.

Love is a beautiful thing, and sex does not necessarily equate to love. Sex is something that people do to show their love and complete surrender to one another. The best place to enjoy sex is within the context of marriage. Sex is sacred, and it is fulfilling once done with the right person at the right time. Whatever reason you choose to guard virginity, celibacy, and sexual purity, I hope you stay true to yourself. Others have done it. You, too, can. What are your thoughts on virginity? Make sure to comment below.

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