My coffee date at java house experience.

java house experience
java house experience

What is the java house menu? What are the prices in java? How good are the meals in java? Where can I find java within Nairobi CBD? What time are they open? How is the customer service at java? Well, I will answer your questions from a personal java house experience, but first, let me tell you a little bit more about java house history.

Java house was founded in 1999 by Kevin Ashley and Jon Wagner. The first java café was at adam’s arcade, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya. Today java house has over over 80 branches and serves around 20,000 customers per day. Java House is widely spread across East Africa and the leading coffee and food chain.

Within Nairobi CBD, there are three Java houses. One along Mama Ngina street, opposite Nairobi Cinema. Around the Supreme Court, next to skater’s park. There is one along Wabera street and the third one is found opposite the Nation Centre.

Though originally known for coffee, Java House offers other meals. They have a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a snack menu, and different kinds of drinks. Java is one place am sure you can get something to drink.

Java is a food chain located in uptown Nairobi and the large shopping malls. Java targets middle-income and high-income earners. However, their prices are quite affordable and manageable. The prices are high yet pocket-friendly. Depending on what you want, I don’t think the prices are exaggerated. However, this is not a place you can eat daily unless you have an overflowing income. Java house is for dates and in those days you feel like treating yourself in an affordable yet fancy place.

I decided to treat myself on a particular Friday and get myself something out of the ordinary. I have never been to java house before. Since I am a coffee addict, I chose java house since it is well known for coffee. I was aware of the java house along Mama Ngina street but chose to go for an alternative. I learned of the extra two but google misguided me and ended up going to the one I already knew. However, before I left town I made sure to find the extra two just in case. Here is my overall experience. Check out my banana smoothies for weight loss.

  • Customer service.

Excellent customer service, very kind and warm. From the counter where I inquired about the person who came to serve me, they were all welcoming. Being my first time, I did not feel out of place. Depending on what you have ordered the order does not take time before it is passed to you. My order took around 10-15 minutes. I was happy that they told me how long it would take because in most places they don’t give the prior notification. They also notified other customers so I bet it is the java culture.

  • The environment/Ambience

Clean and organized place. The sits are different and you have the choice. Whether alone. On a date or with your 3-5 friends you will get somewhere to sit. There is an extra sitting space on the outside so you can count people and enjoy the outdoor as you enjoy the meal.

  • The meal.

The meal depends on your time, the purpose of the meal, and probably on the budget. The quantity depends on the person. I ordered the iced coffee in white, and 1 vegetarian spring roll. I aimed to get coffee, so I chose a healthy snack. What is good what is bad. I’ll start on the positive one.

The vegetarian spring roll.

The serving comes in three small rolls, not complaining, and soup paste. Inside the roll, there are different vegetables, like carrots, onions, you can taste red pepper and other green vegetables. It was warm and the soup was great. I loved the snack so much. It tastes good and the vegetable combination is great. I loved it so much and it is something I would not back for. For $2.20/ Ksh 220, the quality and the quantity are worth it.

The iced coffee.

I had gone to java purposely for coffee, but I ended up disappointed. What exactly is the problem? Too strong, it ended tasting bitter. I love coffee, so I can tell good or bad coffee when I taste it. I experiment with different types of coffee in my small kitchen. I paid $2.40/Ksh. 240 and that coffee was not worth it. I did not even drink half of the coffee. Java is known for coffee, so regardless of the money you chose to pay, you should be happy and satisfied with your coffee. If you have taken coffee at java, tell me about it.

All the same, I would probably go to java, not coffee but try out other items in the menu. If you want to treat yourself on a budget, have a date, catch up with your friends in a relaxed, fancy place but without exaggerated prices, I would highly recommend java.

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