The secret to life: Secret to success in life.

My bog post on life

What is my destiny.

The surest way towards a fulfilling destiny is by helping each other through our purpose in life.

Life is a short yet very long journey. Just like everyone else, I am also a sojourner in this journey. I have experienced the tides in this endless sea. The high, low while sometimes the sea is just calm. I have had a rollercoaster of experiences and I will live to do so until the creator decides that my days are up. We are shaped by life experiences, and we chose the form of shape we take. My life experiences, choices, thoughts, observations, and above everything else the grace of the Almighty, have birthed this site.

We are all sojourners in this life, and as we journey, we meet other fellow sojourners. Each one of us does have a designated reason and purpose in life. We all have a destiny. Our destiny is dependent on whether or not we chose to pursue the right purpose in life. As we join others in the journey, I hope that we inspire, build and lift each other. By standing strong with others, we not only help them in their path towards their destiny, but we also help ourselves.

So, fellow sojourners, welcome to purposeful greatness.  May we laugh, cry, learn, inspire and correct each other with passion and love, as we journey towards our destiny.

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