3 the superior weapons in life: faith, love and hope.

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secrets to a happy life, faith, love and hope.

 Faith, hope, and love are a necessity in life. We need these superior weapons to fight the battle of life. Life is not a straight line. It has its trials and tribulations. Many are the times we feel like giving up. Jesus himself said in John 16:33 the world will make you suffer. Be brave. I have defeated the world.”

We can’t rely on our strength, knowledge, natural weapons, or others around us to defeat the battle of life. We need superior weapons as revealed to us by God, through His son Jesus Christ. My understanding and experience have taught me that I need three key things to navigate through life. If I have these three things, then I will never lack the peace, joy, and happiness that I so much desire in life. Related post, how to avoid worry, fear and anxiety.


Whether you are a believer or not, you have heard the word. You have read it or heard it from someone severally.

There are different definitions of the word but all with similar context. Hebrews 11:1. To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we can’t see.”

Brene Brown has defined it as A place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we can’t see and the strength to let go of uncertainty”. In biblical teachings, it is only through faith that we are put right with God. Throughout the bible, there are stories of the great men and women , who were able to achieve so much due to their faith. Their stories of courage inspire us and reveal to us how much we can achieve through faith.

Hebrews is the book of faith, particularly chapter 11. I highly recommend that you read it yourself. Here are my 5 takes on what faith helps us accomplish.

  1. We offer better sacrifices to God. ( Cain and Abel)
  2. Enable us to please God.
  3. We receive righteousness
  4. We are obedient to the call of God.
  5. We can trust God in His promises and received them.

There are more areas of life.

The most important kind of faith you need to have in your life is faith in God and faith in yourself. Nothing more, nothing less.

Faith in God begins when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. By accepting Christ we become God’s children. Imagine the creator of the universe and all of its magnificent and wonder, being your daddy. Like you wake up and call Him, “Dad”. That gives you a sense of security that your life is in good hands. You have trust in God’s sovereignty. No matter the situations and circumstances you are in, you are in peace knowing that your heavenly daddy got you.

Whenever you feel like your faith is shaking, ask God to fill it up, the disciples did it too. Belief that God is in control of your life, your finances, your academics, your relationship, family, and all other areas in your life.

You want to be happy in life, belief in yourself. Faith is an inner force that pushes us to be confident and bold enough to go after our dreams and God-given purpose. Belief in your abilities, your skills, and your thinking. Faith is the vehicle that carries us to achieve our highest self.

Trust God and yourself. There is no situation you won’t be able to overcome and no dream hard to achieve.


Hope is a strong belief in something. It is a positive expectation and desire for something good. We do not hope for things that our physical eyes see, rather than what our spiritual eyes see. It is waiting for a positive outcome.

Hope is what we hold on to when everything is gone. Hope is not just optimism, it is optimism with a strong belief that everything will be ok. It is having the assurance in our hearts that something we are going through, or a certain season will pass. It is believing in God’s promises, his faithfulness, and trusting that He will answer our prayers.

As I write this to you, I just cut myself out of my parent’s financial support, (partially). I recently finished university and I am yet to get a job. I don’t have a definite means of income. You are probably wondering, why then cut the financial support if you do not have a way to your finances. I have hope. I believe that a way will be made for me.

I believe I will get a decent source of income. I believe I will not go hungry. I am hoping for better days.  Even when I don’t have an assured job, I am expecting that I will get away to meet my financial needs. Hope pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Never allow yourself to be in a situation of hopelessness. I believe hope is the fuel that drives the vehicle of faith. We wake up every morning because we believe that our prayers, dreams, and whatever we are working on will succeed.

Hope is not an expectation. The fruits of expectation are a disappointment, while the fruits of hope are faith. No matter how hard life becomes, never lose hope, cling on the very last rope of it, you will stay afloat. Be hopeful. Believe that better days will come. Guard it. Romans: 12.12. “Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.”


1 Corinthians 13: 1.” I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even of angels, but if I have no love, my speech is more than a noisy going or a clanging bell. “

One evening I was taking my walk when I met this guy. He was drunk and not the most appealing guy to approach a young university girl. Yes, I judged him. Very wrong for me to especially as a Christian lady. The guy said hi and asked if we could talk about love. From my shallow mind, I said no. He asked me the most challenging and thoughtful question I have ever encountered in life.

“Do you know God, because God is love and you do not want to talk about it?” I felt challenged. If God was to come back at the moment, He would probably take the drunkard guy to heaven and me to hell. He was delivered and I was not. Despite him being drunk and not the “ideal suitor”, he taught me a life lesson.

Love is broad, yet a very clear and natural concept. The world we live in is very short of it. Yet this is the most widely advocated thing in the Bible. It is the greatest commandment.

It is a mystery. Otherwise, how can you explain how to strangers commit to waking up to each other every morning. The bible has a solution for everything. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7,” love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud, Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable, love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs, love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.”

It is eternal. Everything else in life may fail, but love never fails. Be it in our relationships, our careers, business, or any aspect of life. It will always win. If you do something out of love, you are guaranteed to succeed. Love life and be passionate about everything that comes with it.

In the end, love is the foundation and the anchor of our faith and hope. It is the strong path on which our vehicle faith, fueled by hope, drives on. Love God, love your neighbor, and love everything that you do.

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