5 positive things to do in campus.

what to expect in campus life.

things to do in campus
things to do in campus

Are you in campus or waiting to join? Wondering about the cool things to do in campus? I’ll share my experience on things to do in campus. Unlike most freshmen, who are excited about joining campus, I was not.  Before joining campus, we are often promised the much freedom that comes with this phase of our lives. I was however not excited by joining campus, though I was very grateful for the opportunity.

My high school had damaged the child I grew up knowing myself to be. Moreover, I had a very complicated relationship with my dad in my teen years. To add salt to the injury I did not perform as expected in the final national examination. I did not score enough points to get a government sponsorship to a good university and a great course.

Regardless, I managed to do pursue my dream course, though on a self-sponsorship program.  A lot had happened in my teenage years, and so stepping into the university gates, I did so with an undetected depression. However, I came out a different person, and here are some of the lessons that I would love to share with you all and the life changing things to do in campus.

  • The power of choice.

The first point is less of the things to do in campus, but it is the foundation of all the things to do in campus. You see, the campus is one of the places you have so much freedom and it is up to you what you do with it. Campus tests our discipline in all possible areas of our lives. What you do with your life is a matter of choice. You alone make the choice, daily what you want your life to be like.

You make the choices on your grades, your friendships, how to spend the extra loads of time on your hands, it’s all up to you. You chose whether you want to waste your life on drugs, to be a sex object and all other indecent fun, or you want decency. Life is in your hands, you make the choice. The choice you make shapes your character, so make sure your daily choices bring out the best character in you. Remember, choices have consequences.

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  • Use the time to heal.

Most of us have childhood traumas and wounds inflicted on us from a very young age. The campus is one place that gives you a pool of options on what to do with these traumas. You can choose to run away from them or face them. Some chose to hide and run away from them, through overindulgence in alcohol and drug abuse, sexual immorality, and unhealthy means of handling trauma.

Do not live your life running away, for the same things you are running away from will come running after you. Acknowledge your damaged self and initiate a healing process. I used my campus years healing from my troubled teenage years, forgiving myself and others, and this is one of the most import things to do in campus.

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  • Study yourself

The beauty of the campus is the buzzing nature of life it comes with. The key things to do in campus is studying. There are always so many things to explore. We spend most of the time other than studying our course notes, learning other things. Often, these other things do not have a very positive addition to our lives. We study the coolest places to hang around, where to get hot chicks and dudes etc. surprisingly, we spend time studying others comparing ourselves through social media.

We all forget one thing, to study ourselves, to explore who we are, and to learn exactly what we are made of. Define your weaknesses and strengths. Know what makes your adrenaline rush, what scares you, and what ignites your soul. Studying yourself should be a priority on the things to do in campus.

  • Accept and love who you are.

After studying yourself, authentically and unapologetically accept the results. Know what to change and what to work on. Detox yourself from patterns, habits, beliefs, and other things that are not valuable. Most importantly love who you are. Fall deeply in love with every aspect of yourself. Fall in love with your body, mind, and soul. By doing so, you will be able to determine what’s good for you and what is not. Self-love is the greatest form of power in the universe.

  • Define your spirituality.

Spirituality is a simple yet complicated aspect of life. Spirituality is not a religion, rather it’s our inner deeper selves. It’s getting in touch with our inner core, our source of power, the spring in our lives. I am a believer in God and Christ. One of the best decisions that I made in my campus years is to accept Christ and commit my life to Him. To be guided by His principles and word. By doing so, He fought for me many battles, most that I am unaware of. To define what you believe in in terms of supernatural power, while still on campus.

Do not miss on the stated things to do in campus among others. Those are the major lessons I learned along with others. What did you learn in your campus years or what is your experience if you are still on campus? I would love to hear from you. http://ninanyambura.com/how-to-avoid-worry-fear-and-anxiety/

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