5 Ways God-Talk and Speak to Us

  1. God speak to us through His word and the Bible
  2. Through events
  3. God speak to us though others
  4. Through insitincts
  5. God speak to us through songs

How to Know When God-talk and Speak to Us.

As a believer, they are many times we are encountered with situations and hope that you could have a revelation on the ways God-Talk and speak to us, as you need it at that particular time. Sometimes we find ourselves at crossroads and confused and wish to hear that voice that gives us a sense of direction. The truth is, if we are willing to be obedient and allow God’s voice over situations in our lives, there are many ways God-talk and speak to us in those moments that we can’t trust our decisions.

As believers, there are several ways we can talk to God as it is easier that way. However, there are times not just because out of situations were are in life, but it is also essential to listen to God. There are so many ways we can talk to God as believers and His children. It is easier to talk to God than to listen to him in the many ways that God-Talk and speaks to us.

What are some of the ways that we can speak to God? The obvious one is through prayers. The good thing about blessings is that you can do whatever way you want and pray for anything, even the things that we feel are unimportant or that God can’t pay attention to. The most important thing in prayer is to approach God with humility. As long as it is meant for your good, there is no prayer that God will not answer.  Other ways we can talk to God are through songs, personal journals, and writing. Read more on how to get closer to God.

Since we all have an idea of how we can talk to God, what are some ways that God-talk and speak to us to build a solid and intimate relationship with Him?

ways God-talk and speak to us

1. God talks to us through the Bible/ through His word.

The Bible is one of the most direct ways God-talk and speaks to us. The Bible is the word of God and God in the world. There are so many roles of the Bible in a Christian’s life. The Bible teaches, corrects, encourages, can be used as a tool for prayer, and guides our lives to live according to God’s will.

One cannot claim to know God if one doesn’t read the Bible. The Bible is where we meet God and understand His character so that we can live a life in alignment with who He has called us to be. As one reads the Bible, they can meet God personally, get answers to life and understand what God requires from them as His children.

You will never understand who God says you are and what His purpose is for you in life if you don’t take the time to read the Bible. The Bible is one of the ways that God-talk and Speak to us to reveal his true identity and reveal our identity, as per His love and purpose for us.

2. God speaks to us through songs.

As much as our praise and worship are one of the ways we express ourselves to God, it can also be one of the ways that God talks and speak to us. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is bothering you, and suddenly a song comes in your head that resonates with the conditions you are in? Does it happen to most people? Or you are going through a specific season, and as you mind your everyday business, a song plays, and it just speaks to us? God communicates to us through songs for reassurance, comfort, and other reasons as per our needs.

3. God talks to us through others.

If you are fully present with your life and your surroundings, one of the ways God-talk and speak to us is through others. Whether someone directly speaks to us, we hear them saying to others, telling their stories, or talking about a situation. God sends us people in many ways to speak to us. Sometimes you bump into a youtube video, podcast, a book, or any other form of writing or a speaker at an event, and the people/person speaks directly to you.

Other times, the people use to talk and peak to us, do not have to say a word, they can speak to us loudly by just observing them. Everyone we meet in life, even for a few minutes, has something to teach us.  Pay attention to people that God places in your life and the people you spend time with; they could be the people God used to talk to you.

4. God speaks to us through events.

Events, life seasons, and circumstances can be used as one way God speaks and talks to us. God can use a particular event, directly or indirectly involving you in it so that He can pass a message to us. It could be a breakup, a sickness season, job loss, and death of someone close to use, an accident, or any event that shakes up from life normalcy. It does not always have to be an adverse event, but God can use any way He feels is right to pass a message to us.

5. God talks to us through our instincts/guts.

The beauty of life is that we all have a deeper side of ourselves, a more profound feeling and voice that keep us company when we are not around people. If we have a deep connection with ourselves and God, we shall be able to hear our gut speak to us. One of the unique ways God-talk and speak to us is through the presence of his peace. Do a particular decision brings you peace? Do a specific person gives you peace? Does your job provide you with peace? Our inner guts can’t lie to us, and before listening to others, our inner voice should be the one we listen to first.

Meditation and getting away from the noise of our regular schedule are some great ways to God-talk and speak to us. It is difficult to hear and listen to God with all the chaos in the world. Often, set yourself self-apart and purposefully create time to listen to God. He speaks to us. He walks the journey of life if we chose to allow Him and invite Him into our lives. Every day God-talk and speak to us in some of the ways listed above and other methods. Which are some different ways God-talk and speak to us/ leave your comment below. More on why we should walk with God as young people

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