3 Sexual purity facts we all should know

What is Sexual Purity?

What is sexual purity? What is Virginity? Most of the time, sexual purity and virginity are used to mean the same thing. The two words are related, and one is used to support the other. Virginity is used to verify the sexuality of a person. However, the traditional meaning of virginity and what most people have accepted sexual purity and virginity to be is disputable.

what is sexual purity
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For instance, people use the existence of a hymen to identify a virgin. In certain cultures, ladies have been put through virginity by having a doctor check on their hymen. However, this is misleading, as science has come to prove. There are so many ways through which we can lose our virginity and not just through sex.

You could be a virgin and not sexually pure and vice versa. Sexual purity/celibacy is a choice that one makes. For some, that choice has been made by their cultures, religious beliefs, and other factors. However, as an adult, regardless of the restrictions placed to us by society or culture, we decide depending on our guiding morals, values, and principles.

Here are three things on sexual purity that we all should understand.

1. It is not necessarily a religious requirement; it is spiritual.

As a Christian, the bible is against any form of sexual immorality. We sometimes wonder why God would put such a command in our lives, given that it is a delicate matter. However, as I grow older and understand life and the world more, I realize that it is for my good as a human being. God has nothing to benefit from me guarding my sexual purity. Instead, am I the one who reaps the fruits and the benefits of maintaining that command?

Sex is sacred. It is meant to be done with the right person and for the right reasons. We are spiritually connected human beings, and sex is one of the significant ways we exchange our spirituality.

To guard our spirituality, we have to ensure that we do not engage in activities that can disconnect us from our deeper selves or introduce other spirits into our being. Sex has been preserved for the marriage, as these are probably two people who are first connected at heart. They have already established a spiritual connection; thus a physical contact will strengthen their bond even more.

2. It is not just about sexual activity.

While most people understand sexual purity as refraining from sex, it is more than that. It is possible for those who are married to be sexually impure if you commit adultery; remember, even lusting after another woman is a form of infidelity.

Sexual purity stems from our minds, what we choose to see, how we dress, and how we talk to people of the opposite gender and who we are attracted to. Decency is a form of sexual purity. As women/ladies, we should be dressed in a way that protects our brothers in Christ. What are some of the challenges that young Christians face?

Pornography, masturbation, and perverseness are some of the least talked about forms of defying sexual purity.

3. It has consequences and rewards.

Like every other choice, we make in life has consequences and rewards; our stand on sexual purity does too. The tips of sexual purity are spiritual. We have peace in our hearts and minds, realizing that we don’t carry the baggage of establishing and maintaining unnecessary spiritual ties.

It is believed that if you have sex with a person, you carry their emotional baggage. For instance, if they are depressed, you take the depression from them, exchanging the energies. The most important thing is that the person you choose to open up your magic to and your intimate self to is somebody you are sure of. The best person to share that spiritual part of your life is your marriage partner whom you have been chained by love and God.

Detaching yourself from pornography and masturbation will help clear your mind and allow the right things to nourish. You will also be protecting your future marriage in terms of intimacy.

Though most people consider engagement in sexual impurities as fun and the best way to enjoy life, the consequences are inevitable. The rewards we can’t exhaust all of them.

Just because you are guilty of sexual impurity does not mean that is a life sentence. God redeems us and gives us new beginnings if we intentionally chose the right path and make the right decisions. Do not let the pressure of society and the normalization of immorality sway you into the right things. Your walk with purity may cause you a lot of things, such as relationships. You may lose a partner you like because they can’t wait for the right time. The right person and who God has chosen for you will stay because you share the same beliefs and respect for one another.

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