8 items to pack in a work bag.

what to pack in a work bag.

what to pack in a work bag
pack in a work bag

What should a lady pack in a work bag for a 9-5 job?

  1. Laptop
  2. Note book, pen and a book.
  3. Charger/cable/power bank
  4. Tissue/ handkerchief
  5. Sanitizer/wipes
  6. Small purse
  7. Pepper spray
  8. Mirror/comb/lotion/oil/lip gloss/lip balm
  9. scarf

What should you pack in a work bag as you head out of the door for a day at work?  If you are a lady, there are things you should always make sure to pack in a work bag. A lady should embrace her femininity and that can be done through simple acts such as, knowing what to pack in a work bag. An elegant lady should have an understanding of what to pack in a work bag. Regardless of the type of work you do, your industry, and where you work, as a lady there are things to always pack in a work bag.

Unlike gentlemen, our feminine needs are broad. We are also required to have top-notch hygiene. Our hygiene needs to guide us on what to pack in a work bag. If you are a boss lady, there are items that you should always pack in a work bag.

Here are some of the things I pack in a work bag daily.

  • Laptop.

The laptop may not apply to everybody. I work in the technology field and I need my laptop to complete my daily tasks. I prefer using my laptop to the desktop. I also run my businesses and work staff. Having my laptop with me, make it easy to juggle between my official work and the side hustles along the day. I always make sure to pack, my laptop.

  • Notebook, pen and book.

As an elegant boss lady, a note book and a pen is a must for your work bag. It is important to have somewhere to plan out your days and write down anything that is of interest to you. A book is a must have to read in between traffic or when bored.

  • Charger/ cable/ power bank.

Again tech staff. However, I don’t think these items are limited to those working in a tech environment. We all need to boost our phones throughout the day sometimes.

You have to need to have a cable to facilitate the transfer of files in case you need to. Never leave your house without a power backup for your phone, especially if you constantly use your phone.

  • Tissue paper and handkerchief.

A key item to pack in a work bag is a handkerchief. Whether you have a running nose, the flu, or not, every elegant lady should always have a handkerchief with them. Always make sure to have a clean and ironed handkerchief in your bag.

A tissue is a must on the items to pack in a work bag. Have enough toilet paper to carry you through the day.

  • Pads/ panty liners.

One thing that should never miss in your work bag is the pads/panty liner. I always try to have a pad in my bag. One, because my periods are irregular and my ovulation is messed up. Whether you are sure of you when the visitors will knock on the door, it is crucial to have a pads in your work bag.

The pad could be of use to someone. I once messed on myself and wished I could find someone to help me with a pad. I carry extra pads in my work bag just in case someone else may need them.

Pantyliners are crucial items as well to have in your work bag.

  • Sanitizer/wet wipes.

Every lady should make an effort to have wet wipes in their bag. Wet wipes are essential to clean your hands, surfaces, phone, and skin in case you need to.

I learned to carry a sanitizer from way back in high school. However, with the COVID-19, it is a necessity to have a hand sanitizer in your work bag.

  • Small purse.

On what to pack in a work bag, every lady should have a small purse. The small purse keeps your money, ID, cards, and other identification documents in order. If your phone can fit in your purse, the better, as you can use it when going out for coffee or lunch break.

what to pack in a work bag
purse in a work bag
  • Mirror/comb/lotion/oil/lip gloss/lip balm.

One of the requirements on what to pack in a work bag is your feminine glow-up tools. You need these in case you need to freshen up along the day or do a retouch along the day.

  • Scarf.

One of the underrated and most forgotten items in a work bag is a scarf. A scarf is crucial as you can use it to cover yourself when it gets cold or in case anything happens to your outfit.

  • Pepper spray

Ladies we need to pack in a work bag, something that we can pull out for defense. You could also use the spray if you find yourself in a situation where you need to use it.

There is more to pack in a work bag. People tend to pack according to their personalities, their work type, and working hours. Some may need additional items or less. What do you think you should pack in a work bag? Comment below.

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