Why you could feel distanced from God.

distanced from God
Distanced from God

Hello, lovely one? Are you a Christian and a true follower of Christ? Walking with God means having his presence in our souls and heart. However, there are times we do not feel the presence of God and you can feel being distanced from God. You could be doing your normal spiritual routine life like reading the Bible and attending church services, yet feel so distanced from God.

Salvation is a journey. Faith is a journey and not an overnight event. There are times you will feel the presence of God in your prayers and in your day-to-day activities, yet there are times you can’t tell if He is there because you feel distanced from God. Deep down in your heart and soul, you can tell that there is this sudden change in your relationship with God.

The truth is, God never really leave us. We are the ones who distance ourselves from Him. We sometimes step out of God’s presence due to various reasons. Based on my own experience, I’ll share with you possible reasons you might feel distanced from God.

At one period in my life, I felt distanced from God. I did a self-examination and reflection and found the things that interfered with my relationship and God. If you want to enhance your journey with God, read /5-ways-to-get-closer-to-god/

  1. A repetitive sin.

From the old testament sin can make us become distanced from God. God hates sin. He will distance Himself from sinful people. The only way we as human beings are supposed to show our love to God is through obedience to His world and laws. God understand that we are human, that were are not near to perfection, but He requires us to strive for righteousness. In Exodus 32, we learn of God’s anger and potential of the Israelites becoming distanced from God.

Jesus died for our sins. Accepting Jesus means confessing our sins to God and seeking forgiveness. Asking God to forgive our sins should be in our daily prayers. However, there is that one sin that we repetitively commit. I believe every Christian probably has a sin that you struggle with. Sometimes we get used to the sin, that we do not recognize it as sin anymore. We might even actually try to justify that sin or hide it. However, He sees us even when no one else is, and thus we become distanced from God.

I struggle with the sexual impurity sin. I am still a virgin but I struggle with impure thoughts. It is normal during ovulation, that our desire for sex is high due to the hormones playing in our bodies. However. Sometimes I go too far with this sin. I have begun to justify it as a normal thing that every person goes through. Yes, it is normal, but as a Christian, I am supposed to bear the fruit of self-control. Recently, I have condemned myself rather than been convicted as a result of the impure thoughts and the extremes that I go to satisfy my sexual urge.

Condemnation leads to guilt. I have found myself subconsciously withdrawing from God as a result of the guilt. I am asking the Holy Spirit to help me overcome it, even during my ovulation days. We are not suppose to give in to our bodily desires, rather than allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Which sin do you struggle with?

2. My relationships/feelings toward others.

I am a keen observer of people and the way they treat others. From that, I realized that sometimes I become judgmental towards others. I also observe how they treat me and I develop a kind of resentment towards them, rather than finding loving and healthier ways to treat their behavior. Not saying you should tolerate toxic people in your life, but there are better ways to deal with them rather than hate.

Judging others is refrained in the bible.  I realized my tendency to judge others become an obstacle towards maintaining a good relationship with God. I was getting too much involved in other people’s business. The best way to stop judging others and save your relationship with God is to mind your own business and stop being involved with others. When I stopped getting into other people’s business I stopped feeling being distanced from God.

3. Consumption.

I realized I was not spending much time listening to Godly content and music like I used to. These became a reason I felt so distanced from God. If you do not feed your spirituality then it will not grow. Consistently read the bible, listen to Christian speakers who teach the Bible, listen to Christian music and surround yourself with people who honor God.

4. Challenging seasons in life/delayed or unanswered prayers.

Frustrations and disappointments can affect your relationship with God. I was in the waiting season at that moment. I had just finished college and had not yet secured a job or something to wake up in the morning. I had been praying and hoping that one day I would wake up to a different day but nothing was happening. 

I did not have the most important things that I was praying for. A good sisterly friendship, a job, a network, but my biggest prayer was the job. Waking up with nowhere to go and with no meaningful activities planned for the day is frustrating and scary. I never liked the weekends anymore. I was no longer excited about a new day. I spent money without earning and was ashamed that my parents had to provide for a grown woman.

During those days, I was not making any progress in my life. I prayed and applied for positions but got nothing. The situation took a toll on my faith, and I felt like God was not real or just didn’t care or was punishing me for something. I found myself with nothing to pray for what I was praying for was not answered. The result, I became become distanced from God.

Challenges are meant to help grow our faith, but the season I was in was wearing me out. I no longer knew what to tell God. Prayer is a conversation with God, so failure to pray affects your relationship with God

5. Going against guiding values.

If we tend to bend our Biblical values and principles, then our relationship with God is broken. Here is my story. I started flirting with someone I was sure I wasn’t interested in and would never be in a relationship with. The fact that I was even willing to accept expensive gifts and money in exchange for my dignity, then became a problem.

There is no way God was happy with that. God probably took a step back to watch me from far. I was removing my soul from the heavenly kingdom to worldly materialistic things and pleasures. Don’t try to go for a shortcut or be impressed with worldly things that compromise your dignity and eventually become distanced from God.

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I just mentioned things that I went through and felt distanced from God. However, I prayed and I am back on the journey with God and striving to deepen my relationship with Him. What are some other reasons that can affect our relationship with God?

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