3 reasons why you should embrace singleness.

Things that will remind you why you should embrace singleness.

reasons why you should embrace singleness
reasons why you should embrace singleness

Are you single? Are you afraid of being single? Have you ever wondered on why you should embrace singleness. I am single and I feel like I have been single my entire life. Well, I have been deeply in love once in my life, a long distance. I have of course met men along the way, but none fit my ideal partner. You might be shocked, but at 23 I am still a virgin and I have only had few kisses. I am a late boomer in terms of relationships and people will wonder, on the reasons why you should embrace singleness and stay out of the society norm. Technically I am just very green and very proud of myself.

For one reason or another, you could be single. You may occasionally feel lonely or worried that there is something wrong with you, but no, you are perfectly ok. Probably it’s just not the right time yet. You are exactly where you are exactly supposed to be, so there are reasons why you should embrace singleness.

Some get stuck in toxic relationships, simply because they are afraid to leave. They fear settling out on their own and being single. If you are in a relationship that is drowning out every ounce of joy, happiness, and energy, please quit it. Let go of the fear to be single. Here are my reasons why you should embrace singleness.

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  • Create time for self-investment.

People can choose to be single to pursue their interests. People are willing to be in a relationship but have not found the right person yet. Both situations are beneficial. If you are single, use that season to invest in yourself. Self-investment comes in various forms. Education, financial, spiritual, physical and health, and emotional investment.

If you are in your academic years, you have enough time and space to ace your grades. If you are already past that, you can upgrade to higher levels or take a different course.

Singleness allows you to create several side hustles. You can save a lot more while still coming up with new ways of expanding your financial streams. Relationships can sometimes be expensive, especially at a young age while you are still building your financial base. Get your stuff, car, house, etc. while you are still single.

Singleness gives you an opportunity for spiritual discovery and connection. You have time to not only connect deeply with yourself but also with a higher being. Use the time to heal and face all the traumas in your life. Spirituality is wholeness, become whole. If you are looking for spiritual awakening, there is no other best time to do it than when you are single. You do not have another person’s energy interfering with yours.

Finally, use your single season to work on your body and overall health. You will boost your confidence and happiness. One of the valuable reasons why you should embrace singleness, is to have time for yourself.

  • Develop a high sense of independence.

If there is one great thing I have ripped from my single season, it is independence. Independence is strength. Independence can be financial, emotional, mental, and behavioral.

Emotional independence is key in life. Having no one to look after your emotions other than you gives you strength. You are responsible for your feelings. Happiness, sadness, joy, and all other emotional feelings are dependent on you. You do not need anyone to make you happy or complete. You do not need anyone to validate your beauty and strengths. I have learned to tell myself “good morning babe”, loudly, and refer myself using all the pet names. My mirror is my best friend.

I often take myself out on dates, on weekends, on my birthdays, and on Valentine’s. I buy myself chocolates and cakes, prepare a healthy meal, get a bottle of wine, and all the other things that you expect your partner to do for you. I fix my bulbs and do other manly tasks around the apartment. I have grown to a very emotionally independent woman and it is so liberating. If there are no enough reasons why you should embrace singleness, this is enough for you.

  • Freedom

Who doesn’t love freedom?  I love freedom. Freedom is the major reason why you should embrace singleness. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I have been single for so long. The single-season comes with loads of freedom.  One of the things I have seen with most of my friends in a relationship is that they are not free. Their lives and decisions are largely tied to their partners. They are restricted to particular social gatherings, friendships, and so many other choices.

I have seen people who want to pursue a particular career or move to a certain city but they can’t because they have restrictive partners. Singleness gives you freedom. The freedom to pursue the career you want, to make friends with whoever, to travel, what to do with your body, to pursue certain interests. Do not waste your freedom, enjoy it. Take advantage of all the space you have and do things that add value to your life.

My Take. The single-season if well used is the best gift you will ever give to yourself. Singleness gives you the chance to set your standards and worth.  You have enough time to define your ideal partner because you have already become enough and happy on your own. You will be looking for someone who compliments who you already are.  These are some of my reasons why you should embrace singleness.

What are your reasons on why you should embrace singleness.

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Comment more on the reasons to embrace singleness. Peace and love to you all.

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